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Keep the Internet free! China “Shut up US.”

Posted by Saumil on Saturday, January 23, 2010, In : Internet 

China to US: shut up about "so-called Internet freedom"

In the wake of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's major speech yesterday on Internet freedom, a speech in which she called out countries like Egypt, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Iran, and China, most governments have yet to respond. China, however, was quick to reply after dealing with the Google issue for a week already. 

Here's what has happened in 24 turbulent hours.

Wide open. It didn't take China long to respond to Clinton's call to te...

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The State of Internet Security

Posted by Saumil on Friday, September 25, 2009, In : Internet 
Just last week, Websense Security Labs released it's State Of Internet Security report. This report is released twice a year and it covers all changes in website and internet security in the past 6 months. While we can generally expect that internet vulnerabilities, spam and other attacks will rise, this report was especially grim.

According to the report, the number of malicious sites on the web has grown over 230% in the last six months. This number reaches over 670% in the last year.

While t...

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