About Myself

Hi, I’m Saumil Shah and I am a Information security analyst helping corporates with compliance, govenance, implementing stringint security policy, procedures and securing their data against any security breach, theft, misuse, fraud, intrusion etc. I started my career as corporate trainer which gave me the advantage of mastering my skill sets and develop excellent presentation and communication skills. Having an engineering background with good knowledge on programming and hands on network security experience I decided to make my career into Infosec where I can put all my knowledge and abilities achieved so far into use.
One thing I value most in life is knowledge. I like to gain it, I like to share it, I like to compile it. The reason for creating this website is to help share knowledge to anyone that takes pride in doing things themselves.
The best way to describe me is that I can be completely crazy and completely serious at the exact same time. Here’s what I mean…my motives, actions and thoughts always have meaning. However, the more fun you have in doing things and acheiving things, the more likely you are to succeed in them. And even if you don’t, you still have an enjoyable time. I like being able to do things myself, because I’m addicted to learning. So it doesn’t matter what it is: sports, art, cooking, technology, filmography, photography, any other -ographies…I like to learn about it and see if I can do it myself.I like to think that there isn’t much I can’t do. But whatever I do, I like to have fun doing it.

Three things that will drive you to become successful.

CLARITY is the first
Successful people are clear about their purpose in life and they know what they want to accomplish. They work everyday so as to achieve their aim. They are always full of innovative ideas. And the clarity of purpose they carry makes them all the more at peace and passionate.

SIMPLICITY – the second
Perhaps no one can ever stress much over this. This is the key to success and power. If you are simple in your lifestyle, work, wants and surrounds you will be amazed at how happier your life will become. Many of us lead a life which we ourselves have mad very much complicated. This over complication leads to confusion. Simplifying your life will provide you with immense power.

FOCUS – the third
Focus is another characteristic of those who are successful. Their focus is very sharp and never falters. They are very careful about how they spend their time and do not allow anything that is not productive to creep in. Their eye always are fixed on their target and they will never get distracted or bogged down by anything. At the same time they are not in a hurry. They know it will take time for them to reach their goals. They put in their entire mind and body into achieving what they want and once they achieve their focus shifts to the next goal.
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What do I do ?

I Review and assess the adequacy of Information security provisions of IT infrastructure components deployed by CLIENT s uch as LAN/WAN architecture, Switching and routing components, perimeter security components and other support systems such as E-mail messaging systems, Anti-Virus, Data center, Backup procedures etc managed by the client Infrastructure team


Identify the IS control weakness if any and propose a suitable remedy through application of appropriate technology component/compensating controls


Continuously update the controls on new developments in Information Security space to ensure adequate upgrades are planned and executed

What else do I do ?

·         Intrusion Detection

·         Incident Handling

·         Managing Firewall / VPN / IDS / IPS Infrastructure

·         Security Event Correlation

·         Auditing & Log Monitoring of Critical Information Assets like Servers Event Log, Firewall Log, Physical Access Card Reader.

·         Enterprise Security Review

·         Identity And Access Management

·         Information Security Auditing.

·         Testing Of Organization’s Disaster Recovery Plans For Information Systems

·         Providing Direct Information Security Training To All Employees, Contractors, Alliances, And Other Third Parties

·         Establish And Maintain Best Practice Operating Policies, Write And Maintain Documentation For All Procedures And Processes.

·         Working Knowledge Of Information Security Principles, Techniques And Technologies

·         Hand On Experience In Vulnerability Assessment Tools Like MBSA, Retina, Nessus Security Scanner

·         Knowledge Of LAN And Microsoft Windows Network Technology

·         Experience Configuration and Management Firewalls.

·         Extensive Knowledge Of Hacking Tools Viz. Net cat, Ethereal , Nmap Etc

·         Experience In Security Hardening Practices For Operating System Like Of Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP etc.

·         Expertise With Application Security Testing I.E. Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow Etc

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